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Social services

Akranes is a family-oriented community which promotes healthy living for its residents through good public health and welfare measures. The Department of Welfare and Human Rights of Akranes has the role of providing residents in the municipality with services and assistance in accordance with  the Municipalities' Social Services Act, no. 40/1991, and to ensure that they can provide for themselves and their families. Social services of municipalities are governed by the Ministry of Welfare, which monitors that municipalities provide services as required by law.

The objective of municipal social services is to ensure financial and social security and promote the welfare of residents on the basis of cooperation. This shall be affected, among other things, by improving the living conditions of those who are disadvantaged and ensuring that there are favourable conditions for the development of children and young people. It is also required that residents are provided with assistance to enable them to live in their homes for as long as they can, to work and to live as normal lives as possible. Actions are taken to prevent social problems. In the implementation of social services, it is vital that individuals are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and others, to respect their right to self-determination and support them in their efforts to help themselves.

Social workers have regular phone hours and it is also possible to make an appointment by phoning the Akranes contact centre at the number 433 1000.

Social service employees in the municipality of Akranes provide advice and information to individuals and families regarding housing issues and lease agreements. Administration of social housing, the allocation of rented apartments owned by the municipality, and the payment of special housing benefits are tasks attended to by the Department of Welfare and Human Rights of Akranes. It should be pointed out that applications for general rent or housing benefits are processed by the paying agency for housing benefits at the Housing Financing Fund. Further information and assistance can be found on the website www.husbot.is.

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