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Environmental concerns and nature conservation

The town of Akranes is a place where it is deemed important to maintain a sophisticated urban environment and an attractive appearance that has a positive impact on the quality of life of its residents and makes the town more attractive to outsiders. The environmental goals in Akranes are to improve the treatment of its man-made and natural surroundings for the benefit of the town's residents and also to increase the general environmental awareness of the locals and present to them the benefits of living in a clean and beautiful environment.

The town of Akranes is 8.2 square kilometres in size, a large part of it abuts the ocean and the coastline is a highly distinctive feature of the landscape and environment of the peninsula. The populated area extends from the southernmost tip of Akranes (Suðurflös) to the north/northeast towards Garðaflói. There are many opportunities for outdoor activities in nature areas as diverse as that of the mountainous and coastal areas and everything in between, with an added bonus of colourful bird life.

Environmental protection and responsible treatment of nature are the most important factors for us, both now and in the future. Sorting of waste and proper handling thereof is vital for ensuring good living conditions for the future. The sheltered workshop Fjöliðjan in Akranes receives non-reusable packaging for the recycling plant.

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