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Parks and green areas

Langisandur is the name of a stretch of coast about one kilometre in length that through the years has featured prominently in the daily lives of the townspeople as a colourful outdoor recreation area. There is a footpath and cycling route alongside Langisandur and the different parts of the town are well connected. In 2013, Langisandur received the international Blue Flag environmental certification for the first time.

Sólmundarhöfði boasts an unhindered view of Faxaflói bay and it is also the location of historical remains.

Akrafjall is a shapely mountain, the top of which offers spectacular views of the surrounding area. A popular hiking route lies up to Háihnúkur (555m), the southern peak. The peak Geirmundartindur (643m) requires somewhat more of an effort for hikers to reach. Hikers are encouraged to sign their names in the guest books on Háihnúkur, Geirmundartindur and Guðfinnuþúfa. Akrafjall is one of the mountains that are relatively easy to ascend and therefore it is particularly well-suited for families.

Garðalundur is a place characterised by diverse flora and many species of trees. There are also beautiful ponds with sticklebacks which children can catch and ducks and other birds to delight birdwatchers. It is even possible to go skating on them in the winters. Garðalundur has playground equipment of many kinds for children of all ages, as well as a beach volleyball court and small soccer pitches. There is also a barbecue pagoda, a miniature golf course and equipment for outdoor play that visitors are free to use.

Akratorg, the town square, has been the centre of activity and cultural events in Akranes for as long as the town has existed. In 2013 it was decided to make certain alterations to the square and it was formally inaugurated in its renovated form on June 17th, 2014.

The cape Elínarhöfði gets its name from a mythical folk tale and people who walk along the bay Kalmansvík are in for an unforgettable experience. According to the folk tale, Elínarhöfði was named for Elín, the sister of Sæmundur the Learned. It is related in the tale that Elín was able to communicate with her sister Halla by taking a seat by the cape and waving her handkerchief to Halla, who would be sitting on the cliff named Höllubjarg by Straumfjörður.

Breiðin is the southernmost part of Akranes peninsula and the site of one of the oldest concrete lighthouses in Iceland. From Breiðin there is a beautiful view of the entire Faxaflói bay, especially if the viewer ascends all the way up to the Akranes lighthouse, as from there it is possible to see everything between the peninsula Reykjanesskagi and the glacier Snæfellsjökull when visibility is good.

There are two forestry areas, one of which is called Slagi and is located on the southwestern slope of Akrafjall, and the other is on the southern side of highway 509 at Garðaflói bay. The Icelandic Forestry Association does work in these areas to expand forests, improve land quality and protect vegetation, and also promotes easy access to the forestry areas in Akranes for people who wish to improve their health through outdoor activities.

There are 17 play areas in Akranes, located in every district of the town and within walking distance of residential areas. These areas include small soccer pitches, basketball courts, swings, monkey bars, jungle gyms and other playground equipment.

Herb gardens and potato plots are to be found on the northern outskirts of the town. Every year, townspeople are given the option of renting a plot for cultivation. There is a long-standing tradition of growing potatoes in Akranes and the town has for decades maintained arable land to rent to the townspeople. Today, there are 90 plots available that are 100 square meters in size, and it is also possible to rent half a plot (50 square meters). 

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