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Primary schools

Akranes has two primary schools in operation, named Brekkubæjarskóli and Grundaskóli, with classes that encompass grades 1. – 10. These schools operate in accordance with laws and regulations that apply to primary schools and the education policy of Akranes, in addition to the activities they conduct in line with their respective emphasis and policy.

Akranes is divided into two areas, one for Brekkubæjarskóli and the other for Grundaskóli. The boundary between these two areas runs along the roads Þjóðbraut and Faxabraut.

The Department of education and leisure activities enrols students that are beginning their primary school education, and parents have an opportunity to submit requests for a specific school after enrolment has taken place.  Parents of students who begin studies in other grades enrol their children with the secretarial staff of the primary schools in accordance with the school district to which they belong.

Brekkubæjarskóli is one of the two integral primary schools of Akranes. The school has about 450 students and just under eighty employees. There are ten grades in Brekkubæjarskóli; there are usually two classes for each grade but three for the grades with the largest number of students.

The autumn of 2001 saw the implementation of the  education policy "Good and well-informed” at Brekkubæjarskóli

The school has use of the sports building on Vesturgata for physical education and swimming is taught in Bjarnalaug, an indoors swimming pool. After-school leisure activities mostly take place in the sports building on Vesturgata. Further information can be found on the school's website, https://www.brekkubaejarskoli.is/

Grundaskóli has about 650 students and about 100 employees. The school operates according to the ideology of raising responsible individuals and developing self-discipline. Grundaskóli emphasises arts and vocational education and from the outset, teaching has been conducted in accordance with a so-called elective system whereby students move between subjects with an emphasis on basic education, as laid out in the curriculum, mixing of age groups and various theme-based activities, along with more traditional tasks. The school has use of the sports centre at Jaðarsbakkar for physical education and swimming instruction. Further information can be found on the school's website, http://www.grundaskoli.is/

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