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Outdoor activities

Akranes has many and varied options for promoting and maintaining the fitness of its residents. The town's surroundings are ideal for physical exercise and outdoor activities of any kind. The town is very well suited for cycling and there are virtually no hills to be found in Akranes. There is a large number of footpaths that are ideal for walking and jogging. Langisandur is one of the most popular areas for the locals when it comes to outdoor activities and is much used for walking. Akrafjall has for a long time been a popular haven for outdoors enthusiasts from the area, as the mountain is relatively easy to ascend and therefore very well suited for families. Garðalundur is a particularly popular spot in Akranes with playground equipment, a beach volleyball court, a Frisbee golf course and small football pitches for children of all ages. Garðavöllur is an 18-hole, high quality golf course.

Sea swimming grows ever more popular and goes on all year round in the area. There is a sea swimming club,  Sjósundfélag Akraness, based in the town and it is open to all comers. The senior citizens' club in Akranes organizes dynamic activities for its members and ÍA provides many and varied options for people of all ages to participate in sports.

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