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Swimming pools

There are two swimming pools in Akranes, Jaðarsbakkalaug and Bjarnalaug. Both these swimming pools are open to the general public but they are also used for instruction for the primary schools, swimming practice for the Akranes swimming association, and also by the swimming school and for infant swimming sessions. The senior citizens' organisation also offers swimming aerobics. In Akranes, children are admitted to the swimming pools free of charge until the 1st of June in the year in which they turn 16 years old. People with disabilities who present a disability certificate, senior citizens and unemployed people who are registered with the Directorate of Labour for the West of Iceland are also admitted to the swimming pools free of charge.

Jaðarsbakkalaug is a 25m outdoor pool with 2 hot tubs, a steam room and a water slide. It is a fun pool for the family, for enthusiastic swimmers and for outdoor activities in general. This pool is open all weekdays between the hours of 6:15 and 21:00 and on weekends between 09:00 and 18:00. It is closed on major holidays. 

Bjarnalaug is a 12.5m indoor pool with a hot tub in the pool garden on the outside. Bjarnalaug can be rented for various occasions, such as birthday parties, class gatherings, workplace celebrations and more. Bjarnalaug is located at Laugabraut 6 and has been there for 70 years. Today, the pool is used for providing swimming instruction to the students of Brekkubæjarskóli, and also for infant swimming classes and swimming instruction in general. Bjarnalaug is open to the public in the winters (September-May) on Saturdays between the hours of  10.00 and 13.00, when the water in the pool is heated to 33 - 34°C.

Guðlaug is a hot pool located in the rocky area at Langisandur. Guðlaug is a complex on three floors, where the third floor is an observation deck and beneath that, on the second floor, there is a hot pool for sitting. There are showers by the pool and an equipment storage room, and the first floor has a shallow wading pool. The floors are connected by staircases and the staircases also connect the pool to the beach. Guðlaug is defined as a nature pool/recreational pool and is open all year round. Admission to the pool is free of charge and there are changing rooms on the site.

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