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Child protection

Child protection services in Akranes are conducted in accordance with the Child Protection Act, no. 80/2002. The Act is intended to ensure that children, i.e. individuals under the age of 18 years, who live in unacceptable circumstances, or children who endanger their lives or development, are provided with the necessary assistance. An effort is made to achieve these goals by strengthening families in their role of bringing up their children and to take action for the protection of individual children when appropriate.   

According to the Child Protection Act, any person that has reason to believe that a child is living in unacceptable circumstances of upbringing, that a child is exposed to harassment of violence, or that a child is seriously endangering his/her health and maturity, shall be obliged to report this to the child protection authorities of the municipality in which the child lives.

Child protection issues can be reported to child protective service employees in Akranes during office hours by calling the telephone number 433-1000. At other hours, people can use the emergency line number to report child protection issues and to contact a child protection worker on standby in cases of emergencies. Child protection issues can also be reported at the e-mail address barnavernd@akranes.is Please include your name and telephone number in the message. 

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