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Secondary school

The Comprehensive Secondary School of West Iceland in Akranes offers studies for a secondary school certificate, as well as diverse studies for qualification in fields such as house construction, electrical engineering, practical engineering and a course for qualifying as a hospital orderly. Studies for a secondary school certificate can be pursued along with internships of any kind. Students who do not meet the requirements to pursue studies for a secondary school certificate have the option of attending a one-year general preparatory study course.

The school also has a library, a canteen and a dormitory that can accommodate 64 students. In addition, the school's student organisation organises highly diverse and dynamic social activities. Further information can be found on the school's website, https://www.fva.is/

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  • AkraneskaupstaðurStillholti 16-18, 300 Akranes
    Kt: 410169-4449
  • 433 1000
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    Mánu- fimmtudaga kl. 09:00-15:00
    Föstudaga kl. 09:00-14:00