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Transportation is an important policy area in Akranes, just like in other municipalities. Akranes town supervises and attends to open areas, footpaths and cycling routes, areas for outdoor activities and forestry, and various other upkeep, not least with regard to the new districts of the town. In addition, there are ongoing projects to renovate and maintain the sidewalks and streets in many parts of the town.

Akranes has a bus transportation system that is quite extensively used, not least by schoolchildren and students. Akranes is also connected to the bus transport network Strætó bs., and buses go back and forth between Akranes and Reykjavík multiple times a day.

In Akranes there is no fare charged for bus trips within the town, which are available on every week day between the hours of 7.10 and 18.00. The local bus does not run on weekends. There are two bus routes, the morning route between the hours of 07:10 and 9:40 and the later route from  11:15-17:45.

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