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Welcome to Akranes!

Akranes is a picturesque town just moments away from the Reykjavík City centre. You can actually take the city bus from Reykjavík to Akranes for only a few Euros, or use your Reykjavík visitors' card, and step off in Akranes within an hour. It doesn't get any easier - or cheaper - and you have a full day of fun ahead of you! 

If you need any information please feel free to contact us at the Akranes Tourist Information Centre.
Tel.: (+354) 894 2500

We wish you a warm welcome and hope that your visit to Akranes will be pleasant and above all entertaining!

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  • Stillholti 16-18, 300 Akranes
  • Sími 433 1000
  • Fax 433 1090
  • Kt: 410169-4449

Skrifstofan er opin alla virka daga kl. 09:30 - 12:00 og 12:30 - 15:30  |  Hafa samband