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Useful to know

Akranes Library

Akranes Library is at Heiðarbraut 40, ph. 433 1200.  Akranes Library has a wide selection of books, magazines, newspapers, videos, DVDs, music, multimedia materials and language courses on CD or cassette for loan. All further information about the Akranes Library can be found on its website:

Post office

IcelandPost, Kirkjubraut 37, 300 Akranes, ph. 431 1000. All general postal services are offered, including the delivery of parcels and letters.

Phone services

You can transfer your old phone number to any other place in the country.  However, those wanting to set up a phone number for the first time need to do so at the Akranes division of Síminn, at the Eymundsson store, Dalbraut 1, ph. 540 2115.  Síminn’s service division phone number is 800 7000.


Vodafone’s Akranes service division is at Omnis, Dalbraut 1, Akranes, ph. 433 0300.

Heating and electricity

Reykjavík Power Company
The Town of Akranes is a shareholder in the Reykjavík Power Company which is responsible for both heating and electricity for residents of the Town of Akranes.  The Power Company office at Akranes is at Dalbraut 8, ph. 516 6000. The service division can be reached on 516 6100.


All major commercial banks have branches in Akranes.


Dalbraut 1

300 Akranes

Phone: 440 4000


Kirkjubraut 28

300 Akranes

Phone: 430 4400


Suðurgata 57

300 Akranes

Phone: 410 4186


Stillholt 18

300 Akranes

Phone: 430 7500

Shopping and services

Akranes is by far the biggest Vesturland municipality and hosts a diverse variety of shops and a range of services. Well-established shops and businesses operate in the town, alongside almost all the main businesses and utilities which are active across the country.  Numerous shops offer all kinds of goods at prices which completely measure up to competition with shops in the capital area. Akranes also has excellent restaurants and a variety of grocery stores.


Akranes has safe and reliable transport. It’s only about a 50 km drive between Akranes and central Reykjavík, which typically only takes about 40 minutes, depending on which road is taken! :)

Strætó bs. has maintained a regular bus service between Akranes and the capital area for quite a while and there are up to 13 trips along this route per day. Akranes thus connects to the capital area transport network, making it possible for the people of Reykjavík to visit the peninsula in an easy and cheap way, as well as making it easier for locals to make use of services and attend various events in Reykjavík. 

Akranes Hospital and Health Centre 

The Akranes Hospital and Health Centre (SHA) provides general and specialised health services.  The emphasis is on quality and efficiency with client wellbeing as the guiding principle.

It is a departmental hospital which chiefly serves Iceland’s western and north-western regions.  Diverse specialist services are available with a readiness to receive and treat the seriously ill at all hours.  Residents of the capital area and others are increasingly provided specialist services in specific fields. 

The Health Centre provides general health services for residents within the Akranes health services district and at the same time plays a leading role in public health and preventative medicine.

SHA participates in the education of healthcare workers in collaboration with the University of Iceland, the University of Akureyri and other educational institutions.  The organisation’s employees number around 240.  SHA is a smoke-free organisation. 

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