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Akranes schools

The Town of Akranes Bureau of Education, Recreation and Sports oversees primary schools, pre-schools, a music school, youth and sports affairs along with prevention initiatives.  The Bureau office is at the Akranes Town Hall at Stillholt 16-18, ph. 433 1000. There is also a first-rate secondary school in town, the Vesturland Comprehensive High School.

Specialist Education, Recreation and Sports Service

There are two psychologists working for the Specialist Education, Recreation and Sports Service.  They handle diagnosis, treatment and referrals for pre-school and primary school students.  There is also a part-time occupational therapist. The Specialist Service works in close collaboration with parents and those who work with children and youth.  Further information can be found at the primary schools or on their websites.


There are four pre-schools in Akranes and a new one being built at Ketilsflöt.  Pre-school applications are available at the Akranes Town Hall or on the town’s website:

Garðasel is a four-department pre-school at Lerkigrund 9.  It is a healthy pre-school and a member of the Association of Icelandic Healthy Pre-schools.  Ingunn Ríkharðsdóttir is the pre-school Director.

Teigasel is a three-department pre-school at Laugarbraut 20.  Teigasel stresses working with mathematics and mathematical concepts.  Guðbjörg Gunnarsdóttir is the pre-school Director.

Vallarsel is a six-department pre-school situated at Skarðsbraut.  Vallarsel emphasises music in its educational curriculum.  Brynhildur Björg Jónsdóttir is the pre-school Director.

Skátasel is a two-department pre-school situated in the Scout House at Háholt. There is an emphasis on positive thinking, happiness and creativity. There’s also an emphasis on protecting the environment, recycling and creation. The pre-school will operate for the 2007-08 school year, or once the new pre-school at Skógahverfi begins operating. Anney Ágústsdóttir is the Director.

Primary schools

There are two primary schools operating in Akranes and a child shall enrol at one of these schools.  Both primary schools run canteens which offer hot food at lunchtime. 

There are about 420 children at Brekkubæjarskóli, Vesturgata 120, ph. 433 1300.  The Principal is Arnbjörg Stefánsdóttir. Further information about the school is available at its website:

There are about 550-600 children at Grundaskóli, Espigrund, ph. 433 1400.  The Principal is Hrönn Ríkharðsdóttir. Further information about the school is available at its website:

Special department 

There is a special department at Brekkubæjarskóli where students with a disability keep up with their year level as much as possible. The department serves all Akranes students with a disability and parents choose whether their children study there or attend mainstream classes at the local school. 

Extended attendance after school hours for students in grades 1-4 is a service offered by both primary schools.  Extended attendance is from when school finishes until 5pm.  

Extended attendance and recreational activities after school are offered to students with a disability in grades 5-10.  The service is for those who need supervision and care after school finishes until 5pm.  There is an emphasis on students being able to participate in and respond to recreational and sports activities in conjunction with extended attendance. 

Akranes School of Music

The Akranes School of Music is at Dalbraut 1, ph. 433 1900.  The School of Music aims to serve everyone who pursues musical training, regardless of age.  Diverse music courses and singing tuition are on offer, and the school has its own orchestra. Lárus Sighvatsson is Principal of the school. Further information can be found at the school’s website:

Vesturland Comprehensive High School at Akranes (FVA)

VesturlandComprehensive High Schoolat Akranes is a secondary school situated at Vogabraut 5.  FVA offers diverse theoretical and practical instruction and also studies which can be undertaken alongside work.  The school offers a stream of study suitable for students with a disability and also has a boarding house.  Applications for a place at the school are available at the FVA office or website,, where it’s also possible to find more detailed information about the school.

Vesturland Comprehensive High School at Akranes 

Vogabraut 5

300 Akranes



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